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Teaching children to fall in love with wildlife through photography

Our ambition is to connect children with the beauty of wildlife through photography and develop their awareness of the environment and conservation. As they become more proficient in photography, this equips them with new skills, opening up more opportunities when they leave school.

Children attending Lesedi School live in remote, surrounding communities where human-wildlife conflict is rife and where cattle are often taken by lions. This naturally creates a barrier to connecting with wildlife, which we are seeking to change through photography.

Photography is a great way for the children to visually tell stories, express themselves and capture unique moments that are personal to them to create those close connections with wildlife.


We are passionate about wildlife and photography

The Lesedi School Photography Club is run by Wildhub, which is based in a private reserve near Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

‘Our focus is on restoring and maintaining the local ecosystem through wildlife rehabilitation, conservation and community development initiatives, alongside running a wildlife sanctuary.

We build an understanding of our wildlife conservation initiatives and transmit the splendor of our natural environment through photography. We run a wildlife photography internship, which enables us to share our passion and spread awareness on the importance of nature.’

Club Coordinators

Tay Belcher

Tay was born and raised in Kenya, and originally began her photographic career as an underwater photographer. Alternating between the land and the seas – photography felt like a seamless progression. Like many, during the pandemic, her focus shifted more towards terrestrial’s wildlife with a specific focus on birds. This brought her attention to conservation and communities. Her goals are to inspire people to care about conservation and get more Africans involved in the heart of storytelling.

Hanna Wigart

Hanna Wigart, originally from Sweden, is a Wildlife Photographer and Zoologist with a love for adventures that brings her closer to animals and nature all around the world.
Thanks to her background as a Zoologist she has gone on many amazing adventures that have allowed her to photograph the animals that she loves the most. Her main goal is to bring wildlife into the hearts of people, and aims to use her education and knowledge as a photographer to spread awareness of the importance of conservation and research.

Our Journey

The photography learning journey

  • Camera and photography basics
  •  Advanced camera and photography skills
  • Enhancing skills as a wildlife photographer with custom theoretical and practical classes
  •  Learning techniques with photo editing software
  • Learning from the great masters
  • Mentoring

As part of the learning process. each year, the Lesedi Wildlife Photography Club will hold a photo competition to help celebrate the beauty of wildlife and the surrounding environment. We’ll work alongside the children to help them with their submissions.

The Lesedi Primary and Secondary Schools serve the Ntabayengwe community, and other neighbouring communities, which are located in scattered homesteads around 20 minutes’ drive from Victoria Falls. Despite being relatively close to town, the daily existence could be from another world. Most families survive by cattle raising and subsistence farming on the infertile Kalahari Sand soils. Human-wildlife conflict is rife as the area is adjacent to the Zambezi National Park and Jafuta Forest, so cattle are often taken by lions.

The cycle of poverty in these communities has persisted for generations and the school aims to break this cycle through the power of education.

The School is supported by the Ngoko Charitable Trust, a UK registered charity, and all funding is generated from private donations to cover the cost of education. The main component of this is the sponsorship of children attending Lesedi. With the burden of paying school fees lifted from the child’s parent or guardian, it gives the children confidence that they will complete their education. Sponsorship also provides school meals, medical care and other welfare assistance. All this creates the conditions for the children to focus on learning and opens up more opportunities for them when they leave school.

Donate & get in touch

How can you help?

The Lesedi Wildlife Photography Club is all self-funded with photography volunteers and camera equipment donations. If you are passionate about the environment and want to encourage younger generations to make a difference in helping to protect our wildlife, we’d love to hear from you. We’re always on the lookout for donations of camera equipment.

We are looking for the following photographic equipment for the club:

  • DSLR cameras
  • SD cards and hard drives
  • Tripods
  • Camera cleaning kits
  • Photographic books

Say hello volunteers@wildlifeencounter.org